Fall'23: Linear Programming and its Application to Approximation Algorithms (CS 521)

Monday: 17:40-20:40
Fiber Optic Materials Research Building - Room EHA

A Word of Caution: If you are not comfortable writing formal mathematical proofs (for example like in MA 311) then you might find this course quite demanding. The course is essentially just a collection of mathematical proofs.

This is a graduate course on linear programming. In the second half of the course we will focus on the application of linear programming to approximation algorithms.

Prerequisites: It will be helpful to have some background in algorithms/discrete math, but no formal prerequisite will be enforced. If you do not satisfy the official prerequisites but are still interested in registering for the course, and you are concerned if you will be sufficiently prepared for the course, please send me an email.
The only real prerequisite is mathematical maturity.

Grading: Scribing lectures (30%), Homework 1 (30%), and Homework 2 (40%).

Please use this latex template for the scribes.