Karthik C. S.

That's me         Karthik C. S.
        Assistant Professor
        Rutgers University

    ▸  Postdoctoral Fellow at New York University in 2020-2021
         Host: Subhash Khot

    ▸  Postdoctoral Fellow at Tel Aviv University in 2019-2020
         Host: Amir Shpilka

    ▸  Received Ph.D. in 2019
        Institution: Weizmann Institute of Science
        Advisor: Irit Dinur
        Thesis: New Arenas in Hardness of Approximation

    ▸  Received M.S. in 2014
        Institution: École Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in Theoretical Computer Science. In particular, I have spent the last few years
proving Hardness of Approximation results for problems in P, and understanding the Hardness of Geometric
problems (such as Clustering, Steiner Tree, Closest Pair, and Fixed Point Computation).

Here are some buzzwords that I associate my research interests with:
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Community Service

  • Program Committee: STOC'24, SODA'24, FSTTCS'23, UAI'23 , ICALP'23, WAOA'22, UAI'22 (Top Reviewer!), ITCS'22, UAI'21, IPEC'21
  • Co-organizer of Dagstuhl Seminar: Parameterized Approximation: Algorithms and Hardness
  • Co-organizer of Rutgers/DIMACS Theory of Computing Seminar (Fall 2022 - Present)
  • A Survey on Approximation in Parameterized Complexity: Hardness and Algorithms
          Joint work with Andreas Emil Feldmann, Euiwoong Lee, and Pasin Manurangsi.
          Algorithms, 13(6), 146, 2020.
  • Towards a Unified Framework for Hardness of Approximation in P Slides Video
          Talk given in Frontiers of Parameterized Complexity Series
  • Hardness of Approximation meets Parameterized Complexity

        Lectures given in Parameterized Complexity 301: A Workshop on Parameterized Complexity

        Lecture 1 Slides Video

        Lecture 2 Slides Video

        Lecture 3 Slides Video

  • Hardness of Approximation for Metric Clustering Slides
          Talk given in The Recent Past and Near Future of Clustering online workshop as part of STOC'21
  • Hardness of Approximation for Metric Clustering

        Lectures given in Recent Trends in Algorithms 2022 forum

        Lecture 1 Slides Video

        Lecture 2 Slides Video

  • Email

    karthik0112358 "at" gmail "dot" com
    karthik "dot" cs "at" rutgers "dot" edu

    Curriculum Vitae

    For all Technical/Official purposes, here is an abridged version of my Curriculum Vitae (CV).